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The only way to know for sure.

Digital images of upholstery colors are notoriously difficult to judge, can I get samples of actual materials sent to me?

YES! We love customers who want to see samples (swatches) first. It really is the only way to know for sure. You are doing us a favor by making sure your selection is the right one the first time, we avoid a lot of returns this way!

We can get swatches to you in just a few days. Some of our partners (Maharam for example) also has a swatch return program so the materials can be reused and not go to waste. You just send them back! It’s easy.

How does it work?

Please just note the colorway product code on each swatch you wish to receive. For Maharam upholstery it looks like #000000-000 (red dots) or for Knoll #K1234. Our IZIT Leathers and Naugahydes have actual names. Go figure!

Just email us the list of swatches and your address so we can send them out. No PO boxes please!

Click the link below to send us a swatch request or ask questions. Or both.

Feel free to also ask us questions using this email address, but please try the FAQ and Chair Types pages first, they have answers to most of the questions we get asked a lot.

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