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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each pad follows the original patterns of the authentic Herman Miller chair design by Charles Eames and the Eames Studio so fit is not a problem with original Herman Miller products. If you are trying to upholster a reproduction (or a “knock-off” for you purists out there…) you should be ok too, they tend to work even if the wires are spaced a bit differently than the original Knoll production models.

That depends on the type of upholstery you choose. All DKR-1, full pads, are custom ordered, we do not keep these in stock. For the DKR-2, bikini-style two-piece pads, we try to keep black and red vinyl in stock to ship right away. But if you choose one of our custom Maharam patterns or Knoll Classic Boucle options and want four of them it could take a week to source material and another week to fabricate for your order. Keep in mind these products are made to order, by hand. Quality craftsmanship takes time and some things really are worth waiting for.

No, we only specialize in the pads since the chairs are readilly available on other websites. Email us if you are looking for suggestions on sourcing chairs.

Unfortunately, our sewing machines can only handle a certain thickness of material so many thick leathers and vinyls do not work for us. Similarly, customer-supplied fabrics that are too thin or thick are also a problem as we do not use glue to adhere our fabrics to the foam pad so the result is not aesthetically acceptable. Due to these limitations, we only offer upholstery in the selections shown on our website. The only exception is for Hallingdal fabric and Izitleather vinyl. We show 15 popular Hallingdal fabrics and 10 Izitleather vinyls on our site but there are 58 Hallingdal colors and 154 Izitleather vinyl colors if you can wait for a special order. Email us your color range and we can send a “line card” of selections that are not shown on the site.

Yes, we do. Our leathers are sourced from a leather market in New York City that changes stock frequently so exact colors can vary. If you are interested, we can send you a swatch of the lot we currently have on hand.

Yes. The bikini pads are exact replicas of an authentic DKR-2 (two-piece) seat cushion manufactured by Herman Miller in 1955. These new cushions use the original design that had a steel wire that loops through the backs of the pads and hook to the body of the chair — just like the original. There is also a fabric “loop” on the top pad and a black silk-covered button on the bottom pad so the pads can be hooked together at the touch-point.

All upholstery is sewn by hand in our New York City studio. These upholstered pads are made from a 1/2″ thick foam pad with a black canvas bottom to protect against wire-wear. The pads have a metal wire that runs underneath the edge of the chair and there are metal hooks that attach the pad to the wire shell (from the back, you can’t see them from the front).

We will work with you if there are any fit issues by remaking the top or bottom as needed. Full pads are one size and cannot be customized. Our pads fit the original Herman Miller models so if you have a repro, we can’t be responsible for minor fit issues. Stock colors are refundable (i.e. black vinyl and red vinyl) but large orders (more than two) and orders fabricated to order are not refundable. For any returns, buyer pays return shipping costs. A 50% restocking fee may apply on orders that were not in stock and fabricated just for you.

Yes but we don’t offer the full cover option for some of the complicated curved chairs like the diamond and bird chairs. For these we only offer the “seat-only” upholstery option. Please also note that not all of our upholstery options are available for all chair types, if that is the case it will be noted NA.

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